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There comes a time in life when everyone will experience the loss of someone close to them. The grief and confusion that accompany the news of a death can sometimes make decisions about funeral arrangements difficult and overwhelming. It can often prove challenging to remember to do the simple things like breathe and centre ourselves.

Abelia is the Hebrew word for ‘breath’. At Abelia Lady Funerals we are aware there is a great deal of emotion associated with funerals at what is a deeply personal and private occasion for family and friends.We understand that during a sensitive time it is important for families to have access to support networks that remind us to stop, breathe, accept and allow the healing to commence.

A funeral offers a way to celebrate the life of someone who has touched the hearts of others. An inspiring and creative funeral can be an expression of a person’s life story that reflects their personality and legacies involving family, close friends and work colleagues.

When someone has left an indelible mark on your life, it is only appropriate they receive a final farewell that honours their legacies, defines their contribution to family and community, and highlights their achievements in life.
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Role of the Funeral Director
A Funeral Director’s role is to act on behalf of the family. They serve to advise and guide families through the many options available to them in the preparation of tailoring a personalised final farewell for a loved one.

The Director is trained to listen to the wishes of the family and combine these wishes with practical needs and legal requirements to deliver a moving tribute in the form of a final farewell ceremony.

Abelia is an accredited member of The Funeral Directors’ Association of NSW Limited and complies with their code of ethics. The code is your reassurance of sincere care and professional service at a time of uncertainty and distress for grieving families. In choosing Abelia, you can be assured of a high standard of conduct and integrity. Your Director will help you create a service reflective of your personal needs and will always speak openly and honestly with you regarding all aspects of the services they provide.
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“Place your loved one in the care and compassionate hands of our female staff at Abelia who will make all the difference.”
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